Find me if you can…

There should be some proper punishment (and a special place in every hell of every religion that has one) for all those people, who advertise their businesses on google but once they go bankrupt, they never update the information.

It is just so sweet and heart-warming to spend an evening on the web looking for a proper store to buy something you need ASAP (well – probably most of the things we buy, but anyway), then drive across half the city just to find out that those bastards went broken and just closed the store.

Or even worse – they moved it.
I mean – if you really want people to treat your business seriously, spend that two hours fixing all major references to your shop or a casino, whatever. And believe me – it’s worth the effort. Cause if I ever stumble upon your new business, unless there is a life-or-death situation, I’ll go to your rivals and you won’t see a penny of my money. If you don’t care about me, I don’t give a damn about you. And that’s why your business will fail pretty soon.

There is a simple yet all-so-often disregarded truth – it takes weeks or years to earn a regular, it takes a second to loose one. Beat it into your heads or go broke.


Nocturnal primate - dumb as I am now it used to be worse.

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