Easter Egg

(Wersja polska tutaj)

Not too long ago I decided to teach my progeny about various aspects of our daily, Polish life. Since we live in a country that has a worldwide fame of a uber-catholic den (and indeed it is so) – as an atheist I have this dubious pleasure to participate (often-times unwillingly) in various catholic ceremonies and rites.

One of such rites is this whole Easter thing. Since my Better Half is a Catholic, my kid spends Easter in a Catholic way. So we have the bunny, we have the ram and obviously we also have eggs. Easter eggs.

{I have no idea about Easter customs of the West, so for those of you out there who are unaware about the East I want to say couple of words to describe the whole issue. The thing is that in Poland Catholics prepare shit-load of eggs, pain them in various ways – the number of techniques is astounding. It may be painted with paint, or crayons, or coloured and then scratched with a needle, or sculpted, or done with modelling paste or whatever the hell floats your boat. The damned egg must look fancy, then – on Great Saturday – you take it to the church where the priest says his blessings and then finally on Great Sunday you can eat those fancy fuckers}

Thanks to my previous endeavours my kid already knows gods of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Slowly but steadily I am introducing Babylon, Japan and Norway. The issue is – he already has the basis that I can use to explain to him why do we have those eggs anyway and that it has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus as well as that the custom comes from the ancient Iran.

Additional element of the education is presented below – made by my old, shaky hands (don’t complain about the quality, I have eyes, I can see how it looks). Since there are eggs blessed by Jesus (or for Jesus, whatever), then we also have one egg for Ishtar – the original goddess of this holiday. As a bonus there is also something for the King of Gods – Zeus aka Jupiter. I don’t know how about you, but I prefer to be cool with the god who rules lightnings and stuff. You know, electronics, EMP and stuff…



Easter Eggs presented above will be our ‘guests of honour’ during our not exactly extravagant half religious, half pagan, half atheistic (I know it doesn’t add up) breakfast.

And all of this just for the sole purpose of teaching the kid that there are various, almost countless religions, customs and rites, to teach him to think for himself and to choose on his own accord and not because ‘daddy said so’.

As a side note – I was wondering if it was a bad thing to tell my kid that when he takes the food for blessing to the church, the priest will say a magic spell over his basket. It doesn’t seem right, but then again it’s not untrue either…

So Happy Ishtar. May your libido be great (as well as your contraceptive-fu) 🙂

Nocturnal primate - dumb as I am now it used to be worse.

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