Donate yourself to Science

I’m not worried about dying because I’m an atheist. Right…now, I know this is a Christian country and I stand up for your right to be religious but please know that you’re wrong. Alright? Please know that you’re living in a fantasy land and that after you die nothing happens. Stop being a fucking child. Right? I’m not afraid of dying because I’m an atheist, I know I’ll just rot in the ground, right? I won’t even know I’m dead. You wanna know why? Cause I’ll be fucking dead! – Jim Jeffries

Actually, lots of things happen after you die — just none of them include you. You’re not anything anymore. – Louis C. K.

So why not do something meaningful? Are you sure that simply rotting in a ground is the best you can do? Is this the most the world can benefit from your last moments?

I don’t believe so, which is why I decided to donate myself to science. After I die and I’m lucky enough to qualify, I will be transported to the Medical University of my choice, usable organs will be utilized for transplants and the rest will be used as a model for medicine students to train on. Once this is over, the remains will be cremated and I’ll cease to exist in any human form whatsoever. My energy will long since dissipate and will return to the nature, my atoms will go there too after a bit longer time, but my death will not be in vain.

It doesn’t have to be useful, but it might. Some student cutting you open and learning his job on you might in the future save someone, maybe even someone from your bloodline (if that’s important to you).

I do realize it’s not all roses and violets, I know students play with dead bodies, with organs like brains or hearts. But still there are those, who don’t. And since the only choice you actually have is either uselessly (well, almost, at least for mankind) rot in the ground and become fertilizer OR possibly become an added value in the mankind’s medical science and training – think carefully which one do you prefer…

And in most cases the procedure, which might scare you off, is not THAT complicated.

In my country the process looks like this: I go to the Medical University of my current city, the division that deals with such things (google it up), I get the form, fill it in but DO NOT SIGN IT YET, then go to the notary, sign the form in his presence so he can legally certify that the signature is really mine, pay him/her the fee (less then 10 bucks), take the form to the University and file it there.

Conditions: you cannot die in an accident, your corpse must be intact, so it cannot be rotting, it cannot be subjected to the autopsy, you cannot have HIV or Hepatitis C virus and you cannot die due to cancer (complications after RTG and chemotherapy treatments). Also – you have to die within the boundaries of my country – the University won’t pay to get your corpse from abroad.

On the bright side – they pay for the burial. Basically whatever remains after students end up with you gets cremated and then there is a secular ceremony of burial, which your family doesn’t pay a dime for. And you get your own name on a plate placed on the monument raised to commemorate body donors. This is not mandatory though and you can do the whole thing anonymously should you choose to do so.

The university can refuse to get your corpse for their purposes IF they don’t have the conditions to store it, i.e. they have too many of corpses at their current disposal (for the time being I don’t believe it’s a frequent occurrence).

If after your death your family refuses to give your corpse to the University – the family must cover costs of the University connected with your case.

In the form you need to enter personal data of a person who will be responsible for notifying the University about your death.

You can always update your data.

So yeah, it is a bit of a wrestle, but in my opinion totally worth it. It’s also a sign of responsibility to think about the day you will cease to exist and make some arrangements so that the whole thing looks like you want it to, and perhaps to take some burden off your family’s back once it gets struck by grief and sadness, which it most probably will.

So don’t wait, donate yourself to science today!

DISCLAIMER: I do not use the term “Your body” because I don’t believe you have the body. I believe you ARE the body.

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