Atheists should not exist

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As most of you probably already know the interaction with your believer family can be an ever-lasting source of constant WTF and actual amazement on what people can actually think.

Yes – you guessed right, it’s another post about an atheist-believer family life. Life – may I add – I wish I could only see in stupid Internet memes.

So the next gem I was generously treated with was
– Your sole existence offends me.

I must admit that it was not stated directly, but sort of follows from the discussion we held. At some point my ‘opponent’, let’s call her/him C, said my statement that God does not exist was offensive.


Baffled by that I asked how so, after all if I say that C’s favorite politician, sport star or Santa Claus doesn’t exist it’s not offensive for C. In reply I got:
– That’s different, what you’re saying now is offensive, it offends me.
So I asked
– Is anything atheistic offensive to you? – and C confirmed. I thought for a moment and followed:
– Given the fact that a lot of what I do, what I think, what I say and what I write is openly and actively atheistic, given the fact that quite a good chunk of my life is atheistic, it follows from what you say that my very own existence as an atheist is offensive to you, correct?
– Yes. – C confirmed.

A number of ‘gems’ I received a bit earlier numbed me to a certain extent and I didn’t get the full meaning of what C said only until after he/she already left. But I was stunned nonetheless. Here I was experiencing first-hand something I’ve only read on the web up until now. It was a bit surreal to hear that your very own existence is an offense to someone.

Now – I wouldn’t get as far as to claim that C would go and kill me. But – should any anti-atheistic movement happen – I _can_ see C joining the crowd with a pitchfork or a torch.

And frankly – this is one of the reasons I don’t believe when Catholics (and some other Christians) say they don’t mind atheists. They do, at least majority of them does – it’s just some of them are honest enough to admit it openly without any consideration how does that make them look. It’s prevalent – to the extent that in my country, in public, tax-payer financed school a teacher of religion (yeah, I know it’s fucked up) publicly states that atheistic children are servants of the “evil” and the “Satan”.

On other occasions we can hear – I don’t care if you’re an atheist or anything, just shut up and don’t speak openly about it. Fueld by idiots from the “why can’t we all just be friends” crowd it denies the basic right of an individual. How does that sound – “You may be a catholic if you want, just shut up and don’t speak about it, don’t wear any catholic symbols, don’t pray in public and just shut the hell up.” Mind that it’s the famous Christian love and catholic ecumenism speaking.

In my poor, human understanding what offends me is a problem for me and I don’t want it around. In the best case scenario I would like the offensive thing to not exist. I can assume with a pretty good degree of accuracy that if C had been given a choice – to decide whether I should exist or not – I am pretty convinced he/she would select the latter. Which all in all makes me feel a bit uneasy in C’s company and I try to avoid it at any cost.

The more I talk to the so called “True Catholics” the more I am convinced that those preposterous stories on the Internet are not just stories but a reliable reports of how and why Catholics behave the way they do. Indoctrinated Catholic mind perceives an opinion that contradicts their held belief as a threat to their own religiosity, as an offense. No wonder they treat Jehovah’s Witnesses with hostility. If they antagonize even the group that has a widely similar beliefs, why would they not antagonize someone who disagrees with all of them? There’s no reason not to and they prove it by their everyday life.

Yet another evidence to the toxicity of Catholicism. Hardly the last one.

Nocturnal primate - dumb as I am now it used to be worse.

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4 comments on “Atheists should not exist
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  3. nitokotniwydra says:

    I was always asking myself one question: Who I am?
    How do you call someone, who does want to call himself an atheist (dont mind that actually, simply it’s not fully suitable), does not want to call himself christian or whatever other religion related name, someone who simply and truly does not give a single shit about religion?
    Exist or not.. I don’t give a crap. How would you call me? 🙂

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