Deliver us from God’s love

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One of the lines that we atheists happen to be thrown at quite often is “You haven’t experienced God’s love!” or “You will get to experience the hand of god and then you will know!”. Which are in fact simple and simplistic threats, nothing more. And we need to be aware of that. The person saying this might be (although usually is not) doing it in good will, but that doesn’t change the fact of it being a threat.

So it’s worth pointing it out to the Catholics/Christian:
– Do you really think threatening me will make me believe your God?

After all – in most cases I had to deal with it was either with a solid dose of condescension or even spite – for not believing something so obvious as ‘my beloved Creator’ and stating those offending words of him not existing.

It feels like they were saying: “Just you wait, soon enough a big tragedy will happen to you and you will have evidence that God punishes you for your words and for you not believing in him (i.e. in MY god!)”.

I mean – how small your god have to be so that the only way for him to let people know him was through some random events indistinguishable from pure chance? How petty does he have to be so that he attempts to make you believe in him by hurting you? How impotent is he that he can’t prove his own existence to everyone beyond any doubt but instead relies on weaknesses of human perception and emotions?

Luckily that God seems to not exist. And that’s in favor of Christians too – because had he existed, he would be a pretty pathetic piece of shitty deity. I mean humanity invented over 3000 gods and a great deal of them were better in probably almost every way than the God as Christians paint him to be.

If your life is a testimony to that God – sorry, it’s not impressive. It’s not great. It’s not worth any attention. It’s simply pathetic.

People who got to know the hand of god

But let’s play your game. Let’s assume something happened. Either something terrible and wrong, or something really great. Something that you would instantly attribute to that God of yours. Here’s the question: how do I know it is your God, and not the god of Abdullah, Takeshi, Kalanidhi or Kimba’s Mzimu? How convenient it is that the one god that let’s you know himself is the one that your parents imbued your defenseless, trusting, child mind with? But how do I know which one is it? And since you believe in the devil – how do you know it’s not the devil pretending to be a God and trying to get me to his side?

You. Fucking. Don’t.

And that’s the whole thing here – Catholics/Christians do not know those things, they only pretend to know and delude themselves to thinking they do. Obviously their threats are silly. But it also shows one more thing.

God rarely, if ever, let’s you know himself when you are in the full strength of your mental and emotional capacity. It’s only when you’re vulnerable, when someone close to you died, when you had an accident, when you gotten really sick, when something really bad is happening around you and you drop your guard down – it’s only then Catholics/Christians manage to convince defenseless people into believing their nonsense and infect you with the catholic/Christian faith thing. Why is that? Why is it that they only can persuade people when people cannot think clearly and critically?

Because their god is false. The truth is as simple as that. If the god was real he wouldn’t need to target people when they’re weak. He would prove himself to them when they are strong. Since he doesn’t do it, the conclusion is quite obvious.

I mean just think about it – how does the faith crap get propagated? First and foremost – through childhood indoctrination. When undeveloped minds of young people cannot shield themselves from the untrue things their parents push upon them. Next – as mentioned before – through shady tactics of ‘evangelists’ targeting people when they are struck by some tragedy. Then by targeting poor and uneducated people, who also cannot use any critical thinking tools and most likely already have some beliefs but the sweet candy jesus seems a bit better than that what they have. And then – somewhere at the very end, a fraction of percent is a group of people who were persuaded by seemingly logical (albeit horribly flawed) arguments. Intelligent people make mistakes all the time, so no wonder there are cases like that as well. But the disproportion between the first groups and the last one is overwhelming. Doesn’t that make you think? Even just a little bit?

Imagine I was a douche-bag targeting women who were vulnerable for one reason or another. Say – just broken up with their boyfriends or someone close to them died or whatever. Imagine I picked them up and had sex with them. Even if I didn’t run away in the morning but stayed friends with them – would you think that was an OK thing for me to do? If not, why do you think it’s alright for catholics/Christians to target people at their weakest?

Coming back to the main subject – threats to atheists about how God will show them are a common thing. Honestly – I probably don’t know any open atheist (and I know quite a few) who did not receive such threat in one form or another. Desperation of believers which leads them to spouting things like that must be very unpleasant feeling. Or at least I imagine so. On the other hand – they also must feel reassured that no matter what that heathen says – God will show him and he’ll surely convert. Or some nonsense like that.

In my opinion the best way to deal with that is to say that if they think their threats will scare you they are deeply mistaken, that you got your fair deal of shit in life and if that haven’t convinced you why would they think anything other would. And the last but not least – if the only way their god can show himself to you is through what they say – it’s a very weak god unworthy of any of your worship and praise. After all – your moral standard are much higher than that.

Nocturnal primate - dumb as I am now it used to be worse.

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