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Czy ateiści mogą mieć fajne rzeczy i dlaczego nie?

Nie, nie możemy. [English version here] Teoretycznie to wszystko, co należy powiedzieć. W praktyce jednak jednym z powodów, dla których nie możemy mieć fajnych rzeczy, jest też powód, dla którego muszę to wyjaśnić. Dość często ateiści są postrzegani jako monolit

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Can atheists have nice things and why not?

Nope, we can’t. [wersja Polska tutaj] In theory that should be all I need to say. But in practice one of the reasons we can’t have nice things is coincidentally a reason why I have to explain that. Atheists are

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God is a toxic, sadistic psychopath. According to Catholics.

Polska wersja artykułu. On the happy occasion of a recent visit of a ‘famous’ family of mine I got served with another Catholic Jewel. It happens so that this person, let’s call it XY, on the beginning of each year

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Zielinski and Jehovah’s Witnesses

[Polish version here] Once upon a time someone knocked at my door. It was in the afternoon of one of those days when the New Year was still rather young. When I opened the door I saw two ladies, who

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Easter Egg

(Wersja polska tutaj) Not too long ago I decided to teach my progeny about various aspects of our daily, Polish life. Since we live in a country that has a worldwide fame of a uber-catholic den (and indeed it is

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Freethought Calendar – part 2

Next issue of Freethought Calendar – secular take on celebration. Part 1:

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Freethougth Calendar

Probably everyone fancies a little holiday every now and then. Freethinkers and atheists are no exception, so please find my take on ‘Freethought Calendar’. It will be updated successively. For now two nearest holidays and two recent ones. Feel free

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Ateistyczna dezinformacja

Parafrazując Smerfa Marudę: Nie cierpię ateistycznej dezinformacji!

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Catholic Condescension Removal Guide

Every now and then you might meet a Catholic (or in general Christian) person who will treat your lack of belief in a deity or a (supernatural) higher power with a solid bit of condescension. There are many examples of

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How I see the world

The difference in perspective.

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