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Easter Egg

(Wersja polska tutaj) Not too long ago I decided to teach my progeny about various aspects of our daily, Polish life. Since we live in a country that has a worldwide fame of a uber-catholic den (and indeed it is

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Wesołego Ishtar

(English version here) Czas jakiś temu postanowiłem uświadamiać dziatwę w różnych aspektach naszego codziennego, Polskiego życia. Jako, że żyjemy w kraju uchodzącym na świecie za UBER-KATLICKI (i w istocie tak jest) – jako ateista mam wątpliwą przyjemność uczestniczyć (niejednokrotnie mimowolnie) w

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Freethougth Calendar

Probably everyone fancies a little holiday every now and then. Freethinkers and atheists are no exception, so please find my take on ‘Freethought Calendar’. It will be updated successively. For now two nearest holidays and two recent ones. Feel free

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The Best 100 Opening Lines From Books – human readable form

Due to the fact that I wholeheartedly despise websites that in order for you to complete reading a sentence force you to click a ‘more’ link just to find out, that what you were missing was a three-letter word, I

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